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My Favorite Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are something kinda controversial nowadays. Some say that they are a necessary part of any wedding celebration, others have the notion that they are a waste of money toward their budget. Here are a few ideas that will help you choose a favor that is not only useful for guests and your wallet.


People love food! One of the focal points of any wedding is the cuisine. You can be sure that by choosing a favor that is editable it will be used and appreciated. Candy is a classic wedding favor. It is easy to give out and affordable. Candy buffets have been in style for a while but doing individual favors is a way to personalize a thank you to your guests. Doing a midnight snack is another appreciative gift for your guests. After an earlier dinner and dancing for a few hours, guests will be craving a snack.


Gifts in lieu of are a way to have the guests support a good cause. Being eco-friendly is more important to the couple and their guests as well. Giving the guests a way to donate to either their cause, the couple’s cause, or a donation in remembrance of a loved one. This is a favor that anyone can get behind.


A keepsake that everyone will enjoy is a photo. You can set up a photo booth that will print out photos for your guests or have them emailed to them later as an album. A really nice favor that will be cherished is to have your photographer take a group photo with each table. Then send that photo included in your thank you card. If you want to spend a bit more you can always have the photo framed, as a plaque, or placed on metal or wood.


Have you ever been out clubbin’ all night and as you left the club you were offered a cold bottle of water? No. Just me? My point is that offering your guests something to enjoy on their way out. This could be a “doggy bag” so they can snack on their way home. Another option is offering hangover kits that would include hydration, pain relief, stomach ache relief, and breath freshener.  

The last option is to not have favors at all. This is completely okay. You have of course provided an evening of food, drinks, and entertainment. Traditional trends like favors are just that, traditional. You are under no obligation to provide a favor for your guests. Just provide them with a good time!

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