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23 Things to Pack for Your Wedding Photos

23 Things to Pack for Your Wedding Photos

You are packing your bags for your wedding day. You’ve grabbed an extra pair of shoes to slip into for dancing. You’ve made sure that you have grabbed your toiletry basics. But have you grabbed the items that the photographer will need to take your detail photos?


Detail photos are those beautiful pictures that document your accessories: your veil, shoes, and rings. The groom also has items that should be photographed as well: his shoes, bow tie, and boutonniere. The accessories should be framed with additional items that are part of your wedding. The photographer will compile several of these items together to form a flat lay. 


Often the wedding dress is usually photographed along with the bridesmaids’ dresses. They can be shot hanging on personalized hangers or with bouquets. The groom and his groomsmen’s tuxedos may be missed but they offer interesting details as well. The photographer can document the groom getting ready and having the boutonniere pinned on their lapel.


 Below are your accessories that should be photographed:


Veil and dress

Tux or suit 

Rings- the complete set (all 3)


Tie or bow tie



These are items that can enhance your wedding detail photos and flat lays:


Full invitation suite

Any stationary- programs, napkins, menus

Extra florals (ask your florist to leave some for you)

Coordinating ribbon or lace

Your perfume and cologne bottles

Vow book

Your jewelry- earrings, necklace, watch



Heirloom- any special item that is special to you or your spouse



Belt and or suspenders

Cigar or other fun items


Wedding favors

Welcome gifts

Letters or gifts to each other


You can keep these items in a tote labeled for the photographer. He/she will appreciate having all the items together for them to photograph. Make sure to put this tote in the charge of a responsible person to give to the photographer. You also should let the photographer and your wedding planner know that this tote, holding all your precious items, exists. Start putting these items in the tote as soon as you can. It will be one more item off your to-do list.


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