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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers

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A huge part of the visuals of a wedding is the flowers. A couple will ask “How much should we budget for our florals?” Research estimates that wedding florals take around 10% of your budget or an average of $1,500. Here are several ways you can not only cut costs on your florals but will push your creativity on your wedding visuals.

  1. Use seasonal blooms- This is the OG of saving money on your floral budget. By choosing the flowers that are in season you will be saving on the expenses used to produce them and most likely transportation charges. If you also use local flowers on top of being seasonal, the cost will drop dramatically.
  2. Change your definition of flowers. Instead of a bouquet, you can use a corsage. Think intimate instead of grand.  You can use flowers made of different materials: paper flowers, fabric flowers, and dried flowers. There are some beautiful vegetable and fruit foliage that can be used. I have seen absolutely beautiful flowers made of clay. Be creative and use the biggest craft search engine, Pinterest, to find unique ideas. Take a look at the Pinterest board here I set up for you to begin your search.
  3. Source your florals differently. I mentioned before buying locally sourced. Wildflowers are also a great option. You can make an activity out of collecting them with your bridal party. A pulled wildflower into your bouquet screams intimate and heartfelt. Think that is not romantic? Google Prince Harry picking flowers for Meagan’s bouquet. If you are more of a DIY bride you should get your florals wholesale or check the pricing on some florals from a box store like Costco or Sam’s. 
  4. Rent your florals. You have several companies that offer this service. You also may be able to purchase ‘preloved’ florals on several Facebook sites. 
  5. Use nontraditional items for your florals.  Options that can be used are:
    1. Bouquets
      1. Use brooches
      2. Feathers
      3. Leaves
      4. Balloons
      5. Fans
      6. Puppies
      7. Muffs
      8. Purses
      9. Hoop wreath
      10. Umbrellas
    2. Boutonnieres 
      1. Buttons
      2. Pocket squares
      3. Suit pin
      4. An item that represents his interest
    3. Centerpieces
      1. Lanterns
      2. Books
      3. Candles
      4. Wine accessories
      5. Pinecones

Bonus tip: do a mix of tall and short centerpieces. This will automatically cut the budget in half.

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