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How To Prepare for Your Wedding Alteration Appointment

You have finally picked out your wedding dress and it is time to get your dress fitted. The process may have been difficult. There are silhouettes to learn. Necklines to decide on. Do you want lace or chiffon? What is chiffon? Right? There are so many pieces to learn about and think about. 


I want to make your alteration appointment as successful and as stress-free as possible. Use these 3 tips to make sure you can go into the bridal shop confidently. 


#1 Bring the Shoes You Will Wear for the Wedding


You will be on your feet for at least 8 hours on your big day. It is so important to have shoes that are comfortable. I know it is tempting to have sky-high heels (great for the ‘Gram) but not so great to dance the night away. Find comfortable height heels and be sure to break them in. When it is time to go to your wedding dress fitting, remember to bring your shoes. This is important so that the seamstress can properly hem your dress. You do not want to have a dress that is too long and you will have to kick it the entire day. Wedding dresses are surprisingly heavy and so proper fitting is essential.

#2 Bring Your Undergarments You Will Wear


As any woman knows, your undergarments are the foundation to making any wardrobe look amazing. The same goes for your wedding dress. You most likely will be wearing a different type of bra then you do during your daily life. If possible, get a professional measurement and then purchase the type of bra that is needed to offer you support for the day. Remember that you will be dancing so choose your support accordingly. By bringing the underwear (including panties and shapewear) to the fitting so that you can be sure that it is low enough, does not show the straps, and does not show any panty lines. 


#3 Bring Two Trusted Advisors


I always suggest that your wedding dress shopping is not a huge party.  Having too many opinions adds to the already stressful event. When you have your final fitting they often want you to bring your bridesmaid/ maid of honor so they are able to see how to bustle your wedding dress. Here’s a tip from a pro. I have yet to meet a bridesmaid who remembered how to bustle their friend’s dress on the actual wedding day. My advice is this: bring two dependable friends with you. This may be an opportunity to have a special friend take part in your wedding. Whoever you have come with you, have them take a video! Then have them send that video to the wedding planner. Many times we are the ones who swoop in to help get that dresses under control. 


Here is an extra tip for you: make sure to do all the moves you plan on doing: standing, walking, dancing, and sitting. And take pictures! Lots of them for reference.


If you have any questions, please contact me. Send me a text at 480-788-3378 or DM me. Are you following me? @cassandranicholeevents  

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