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Do I need a wedding planner if there is a Venue coordinator?

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First of all, let’s define what each role is. When you are planning your wedding you will hear the terms wedding coordinator, wedding planner, and venue coordinator. They sound similar but they have different meanings.
Job description
A wedding planner’s job entails the overall logistics of your wedding. We are involved with the details of planning, designing, and timeline management of the event. Depending on the terms decided between you and your event planner, we can help you establish budgets, choose other vendors, and even assist with bridal gown shopping. A venue coordinator manages the actual Facility that you will be using. They are in charge of making sure all the moving pieces that you contract with the facility are completed in a timely manner.
Who they work for
A wedding planner works for the bride and groom. Our job is to focus on you and your guests and to make sure all the details are executed as planned. The venue coordinator is a paid employee for the venue. They are in charge of any on-site staff and are there to ensure that setup for your event is according to your contract.
Venues will have an event manager or venue manager and sometimes will even offer an in-house coordinator as part of a package for their weddings. While this is a great selling point for them, the bottom line is that those coordinators’ main responsibility is the venue and any issues related to the physical facility. Many venue coordinators are there through the meal service and then leave. They are not there for issues related to your bridal party, or any guest issues, and they have not designed your event. Venue coordinators are wonderful to have on-site to handle the logistics for the facility however, a wedding planner is still needed to make sure your day goes on falsely flawlessly.
Now here comes the most important part. Knowledge.
A certified wedding planner will be able to walk you through any concerns, questions, etiquette, and processes that pertain to your wedding. A planner connects you to professionals that will be able to provide your needs for your big day. We stay updated on trends and continually update our education to be current on all things wedding. So it is an extra perk when the venue offers a coordinator, but they are not as knowledgeable and they are not your dedicated professional like a wedding planner is.
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