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3 Designs That are Perfect for your Arizona Wedding

One of the first things a couple decides is the theme of their wedding. This decision not only means picking a color palette but also sets up the feel of the wedding. Let’s talk about three wedding designs that may intrigue you to take a closer look. 


Desert Glam is a design style that I like to describe as using the beautiful palette that the Arizona landscape provides and add an element of glamour to it. The color scheme has a variety of color options paired with your choice of metal, dazzle, or other elegant elements that complement each other perfectly. The soft, earthy tones are great for creating a relaxing, natural atmosphere, and adding a “shiny touch” gives your wedding a touch of glam!


If you are into color, a jewel-tone color scheme is a way to go. Even if you are not sure if full-on bright colors are for you, you can always use complementary jewel tones to design a really chic palette. I love to substitute black with a royal navy and then add a deep purple, fuchsia, or citrine as an accent. I think using jewel tones is so classy and sexy.


If you want to utilize the amazing natural features of Arizona and pair it with some of the modern event spaces that are valley-wide, planning a modern desert wedding is an idea for you to consider. Instead of doing the golf course/county club/ hotel wedding see some of the spaces that are available in downtown Phoenix and other areas. You can pair a classic color scheme or do something edgy while hosting your event in a beautiful space. Often they will have plenty of glass and metal to base the rest of your design on.

Arizona is full of unique locations to hold your wedding. I would love to show you some nontraditional venues on a venue tour. Stay tuned for the upcoming venue video tours. In the meantime make sure to see some design ideas on the Pinterest boards for each of the styles.

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