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5 Things to Know to Hire a Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Finding a photographer is one of the top items a couple must do to have a successful wedding. Just like the wedding planner, the photographer is the person with whom you will be spending the most time with. They are responsible for capturing once in a lifetime moments. They are essential! So when it is time to choose that essential partner to document your day, it is important that you interview them to make sure they will meet your needs and also that your style, mood, and personalities match.

Something that you should be doing as you plan to interview photographers, is begin to do your research on social sites like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Instagram especially will show you their style of shooting weddings. For example, one of my brides had a New Year’s Eve wedding. My immediate thought is we need to have a photographer that is experience in shooting in cold weather, can deal with snow, and can adapt to any sudden weather changes. I found her the perfect match by looking through a photographers Instagram and then following up with them on their website, on which they said they love to shoot winter weddings. A meeting was scheduled and they clicked! As a bonus she also offered an engagement session included in the photography package. This was a great way for both of them to work together previous to the wedding and build a relationship.


So you’ve found a photographer that catches your eye, what are the 5 things you should ask them.

1. What’s in your contract?

  • Pricing- deposits and all fees
  • Dates/time- when are your payments due, what time they arrive and leave, when do you get your photos
  • What is included in your package- number of prints, how many photographers, anything complimentary

2. What is your process for taking pictures? This includes how they take photos, what their backup plan is, and if I can give you a list of photos. Ask what they need from you.

3. What happens if I want to alter the package I choose? For example, if I would like to have you stay later on the wedding day. There should be a clear outline of the dates, fees, and proceedure for any alterations to the contract.

4. Have you worked at my venue or with my planner? Getting a perspective from another professional is a plus that can help you to solidify if this is a good match for you.

5. Are you available on my wedding date? This should be a given but it is often one of the last things discussed.

Here’s to you finding that photographer that will capture your day perfectly!


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